Opportunity International marks welfare day with health walk and donation to Akropong School of the Blind.

Microfinance firm Opportunity International Savings and Loans on Saturday donated items worth over GHC10,000 to the Akropong School of the Blind in support of their upkeep and academic work.

The items which were donated by the executives and some staff members include bags of rice, gallons of rice, crates of eggs, t-rolls, packs of tomatoes and other toiletries.

Opportunity International also repaired the school’s typewriters which according to the authorities had broken down for quite a long time. The cost of the repairs is estimated to be GHC10,000.

The school’s male and female washroom which had been in poor conditions for months were also renovated by the savings and loans company.

Presenting the items to the school, a Senior Manager with the company, Richard Anyasem explained that the donation falls in line with their objective giving opportunity to everyone including the less-privilege.

“As a company, we believe its our responsibility to help the disabled. We are not expecting anything in return but we are just committed to the welfare of the disabled people. We are the only financial institution with a special loan facility for persons with disabilities. We have a product we call empowerment loan for the disabled. People within that group like the blind and cripple they come together for us to assist them he said.

Prior to the donation, management and staff of the firm embarked on a 5-kilometre health walk from Ayi Mensah to Peduase in the Eastern Region.

The health walk and exercise which marked the company’s annual Staff Welfare Day was aimed at promoting the need for exercising and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Staff from the firm’s main office in Accra and other branches in the capital participated in the 5-kilometre walk which was climaxed with an aerobic session.

Board chair of the company, Katey Asem stated after the walk “At Opportunity we care about two things. We care about our clients as well as our staff. What this is about is to make sure that our staff are well taken care of and they are healthy so that when they go out to meet our clients, they meet them in health.

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