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Success Stories

Mr. David Owusu-Ansah is a happy- go-lucky gentleman who is married and blessed with 6 children.  He is a client of Abuakwa branch and a member of Nkosuo Trust Group.  His father was a store keeper and his mother a farmer, but when the client completed his SHS program, his father had an accident and was paralyzed and so it was difficult for him to pursue his academic dreams. As a result, the client travelled to Lome in Togo for greener pastures.  

David became a shoe shine boy at Lome until he met a Ghanaian who was working with an electrical/welding company in Lome who enrolled him as an apprentice in the company to learn new skill. His expectations were met in Togo but later war erupted in Togo and so he moved to Nigeria, where he was using his electrical/welding skill to earn a living.

David wanted to travel to Europe with the money he had saved but he received help from a Nigerian friend who patronizes his services. This friend helped him secure a shop and was dealing in spare parts and vehicles between Nigeria and Ghana. He was doing well in Nigeria but decided to return home after receiving message then, that the Ghanaian economy had improved while that of Nigeria had started deteriorating.

Back in Ghana, David started a poultry farm in his uncle abandoned poultry farm. He had about 2,500 birds, when the birds started laying, they were attacked by bird flu, the mortality was high and eventually he lost all the birds.

sections of David’s pigs and piglets in their sty.

Later, a friend introduced him to pig farming where he used the poultry pen to start with 4 pigs and now he owns about 400 pigs.

David was fortunate to have heard of Opportunity International Savings and Loans Ltd.  through a friend to grow his pig farm when it became necessary.  His first loan amount was GHS700 with the Nkosuo Trust Group and his current loan amount is GHS70,000

He came to know that pigs thrive well on the husk of rice. That encouraged him to diversify into rice farming business and through that he added a rice mill with his own investment and took a loan to purchase a thresher. The residue from the rice mill feeds the pigs and he rents the thresher to other rice farmers in his community to generate additional income.

He needed a tri-cycle to transport the feeds and so took a loan to purchase one which he hires to other people when not in use.

The client ventured into pawpaw farming as it was also a good business in his community. He used other loans received from OISL to purchase pawpaw seedlings and grew them on a 10-acre family land. He harvests and sells the pawpaw to traders and feed the pigs with the ones that do not come out well.

 David’s thresher and tricycle for his business and renting purposes.

David also planted cassava among the pawpaw, the cassava is about 9-acres of his pawpaw land. He harvests and sells the fresh cassava roots as well as the dried ones (konkonte) and the peels of the cassava are also used to feed the pigs. The client planned very well to feed his pigs with good and healthy food but with no or less cost.

David was introduced to coconut farming which he has taken his current loan to grow on his 3.5-acre family land. He has also purchase a plot of land he wants to build on. He is taking care of all his six children through primary, secondary and tertiary schools.

The loans have enabled him to diversify his business, he now owns six businesses: the piggery, the tri-cycle for transport, the mill and thresher for hiring, the pawpaw farm, the cassava farm and the coconut plantation. He is also working on his building project.  He has more than 8 permanent workers and hires over 20 laborers who assist him in business through which they also earn their income.

The client’s family is so proud of him because of his achievements and his ability to provide for both immediate and remote family members. David’s community are blessed to have him provide variety of services to them. The high patronage of his services also encourages him to invest more in his community.

Madam Abena Adomaa is full of gratitude to Opportunity International for the transformation she has experienced in her life from “nobody” to be “somebody” that others depend on for their daily bread.

Auntie Adomaa, as she is affectionately called, is a 46-year old, married to Mr. Oliver Kwabena Ofosu and they are blessed with four beautiful children. She hails from Odumase, a community in Sunyani the capital city of the Brong Ahafo Region. She started as a farmer to support the home whilst her husband was also into maize merchandising.

Eight years ago she realized that the farming was not yielding much to take care of the home so she made up her mind to do something else supplement her income from the farms. She decided to go into soap making because that was an area of interest and also she thought it’s a commodity commonly used in every home daily basis so it will be easy to sell. She learnt how to make the cake soap popularly called ‘Azuma blows’ within 2 months and started her own production about a week after. Auntie Adoma started the soap production alone and in very small quantities because she was selling them all by herself as a hawker within Odumase and its environs and sometimes on the Sunyani market days

Just when her business was picking up, situations became very difficult for family in the year 2010 when her husband became very sick and had to undergo surgery. From that time till date her husband has not been able to work again so taking care of the home and the children’s education became her sole responsibility.

However, a year later she met a staff who introduced the OI to her in 2012. She saw this as a lifeline from God and became actively involved. She subsequently became the Community Organizer for the officer at Odumase thereby helping to mobilize clients for OISL. She started with an amount of GHS900 (Nine Hundred Ghana Cedis) and is currently in her 13th cycle with an amount of GHS 4000 (Four Thousand Ghana Cedis).

With increased working capital, she is able to produce liquid detergents and parazone in addition to the cake soap. She also has five sales girls she works with and 31 stores she distributes to in Kumasi, Accra, Sunyani and some other towns within Brong Ahafo region. With the financial support given her, Auntie Adomaa is able to take care of her family single handedly and has also organized 4 women whom she has given free training in her community. These women also support her in her production and she gives them daily stipends to support their daily needs.

Auntie Adomaa has been able to put up a four-bedroom house which is at the lentil level. She is hoping to complete in a year or two so that she can move with her family from the family house into a more descent and private accommodation.

Once again Auntie Adomaa is full of praises and is appreciative of the OI team for their support every step of the way. She continues to promote and market OISL to people in her community and uses her transformational story as an example of what awaits them when they sign on.